THe Icarus Foundation

How our Sponsorship Program works:

Currently we are limiting sponsorship to one sponsor per bird. To start:

  • Click on the "Our Sponsor Birds" button below.
  • Choose one or more birds to sponsor by clicking on their name below their photo.
  • Fill out the form above the "Sponsor" button by indicating whether or not you would like a dreamcatcher.
  • If the Sponsorship is a gift, please indicate in the appropriate box and fill in the gift recipient's name and address where the sponsorship package should be sent.
  • In the Additional Information box please tell us how you would like your name to appear on our website as "your bird's" Sponsor.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, then please type "anonymous."
  • Click on the "Sponsor" button and choose whether you want to use PayPal or a credit or debit card for your recurring monthly sponsorship donation.

Once your transaction is complete, you will receive your Sponsorship package in 2 - 4 weeks. 


Monthly donation to sponsor:

  • Large cockatoos - $100 per month (Moluccan, Umbrella, Sulphur-crested, Citron-crested)
  • Small cockatoos - $75 per month (Bare-eyed, Galah (Rose-breasted), Goffin's)
  • Medium birds (Amazons, African greys, Eclectus, etc) - $50 per month
  • Cockatiels - $30.00 per month

What sponsorship is: By choosing to sponsor one or more of our birds, you are helping to ensure that your sponsored bird(s), and all of our permanent and future residents have a safe loving home for the remainder of their lives! It is a wonderful way to help support and care for a bird if you're not quite ready to adopt one and deal with the responsibility and lifetime commitment yourself.

What you get as a sponsor:

First and foremost you get to play a crucial role in your sponsored bird's life as well as become part of our sanctuary family! You will also receive:

  • certificate of sponsorship
  • photo of your sponsored bird
  • small dreamcatcher handcrafted by our volunteers using only cruelty free materials and "your bird's" naturally molted feathers!

You can meet your sponsored bird in person by scheduling an appointment in advance. You can send your sponsored bird bird-safe, sanctuary-approved toys and food. Approved food includes the following brands: Roudybush, Harrison's, TOPS, Goldenfeast, Lefeber nutriberries, and nuts and seeds from Only new toys will be accepted from Busy Beaks, BirdsafeStore, Birdie Box Toys, Drs. Foster & Smith and from our Amazon wishlist.